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SAKEC joins hands with STAR Certification

Today’s students are tomorrow’s engineers, researchers and entrepreneurs.
To enrich our journey towards building a strong nation through our students SAKEC joins hands with STAR Certification.
STAR Certification is one of the Largest Software Programming Language, Cyber Security & Disruptive Technology Certification Body in the World, headquartered at California, USA.
Mr. R Raman Kandpal Global Head- Business & Alliances and Mr Amey Patankar Regional Manager- Academia at Star Certification LLC present the certificate of “Academic Partner” to Dr. Bhavesh Patel, Principal ,SAKEC. Star’s Academy Partner Program provides valuable tools and resources to assist College in recruiting, training, certifying and upgrading the skills of their students. Star’s Academy program is designed to help schools promote certification and enhance student career opportunities.

Sr. no
Course Name
Actual Price Of Certification Price Offered By SAKEC Registration Brochures
1 Star HTML 5,930 1,666 OnGoing Download
2 Star Python 8,437 2,415 OnGoing Download
3 Star IoT Specialist (SEIS) 24,898 7,640 OnGoing Download
4 Star Ethical Hacking Expert (EHE) 35,400 9,020 OnGoing Download
5 Star Artificial Inteligence & Machine Learning Business Application (SAMBA) 11,696 4,190 OnGoing Download
6 Star Cyber Security User (SCSU) 7,991 1,500 OnGoing Download
7 Star C Programming 5,216 1,430 Closed Download
8 Star C++ Programming 5,245 1,430 Closed Download
9 Star PHP 8,201 2,120 Closed Download
10 Star Android 9,381 2,810 Closed Download
11 Star Big Data Analytics (SBDA) 22,538 4,190 Closed Download
12 Star Cloud Computing (SCC) 21,653 4,190 Closed Download
13 Star Block Chain Specialist (SEBS) 26,668 8,330 Closed Download
14 Star Certified DevOps Expert (SCDE) 26,963 7,640 Closed Download
15 Star Secure Programmer Expert - Android (SSPE-A) 14,868 3,500 Closed Download
16 Star Data Science Specialist (SDSS) 24,426 13,850 Closed Download
17 Star Big Data Programming (SBDP) 18,408 4,190 Closed Download
18 Star Certified Software Testing (SCST) 21,889 4,190 Closed Download
19 Star R Programming 8,201 2,120 Closed Download
20 Star Digital Marketing Expert (SDME) 39,943 6,950 Closed Download
21 Star Forensic Investigator Computer Hacking (SFICH) 38,940 27,650 Closed Download
22 Star Incident Handler Expert (SIHE) 31,683 20,750 Closed Download
23 Star Penetration Testing Expert (SPTE) 36,403 23,510 Closed Download
24 Star Expert Security Specialist (SESS) 36,403 23,510 Closed Download
25 Star Mobile Forensics Advance Security (SMFAS) 33,276 22,130 Closed Download
26 Star Security Cyber Analytics (SSCA) 47,790 31,100 Closed Download
27 Star Robotics xPert (SRX) 12,744 8,330 Closed Download
28 Star AI X-Pert (SAIX) 17,700 6,950 Closed Download
29 Star Machine Learning Fundamental (SCMLF) 17,700 3,500 Closed Download


The above mentioned SAKEC PRICE can be deposited to Star Certification account details as mentioned or on the QR Code below:

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 034405004605

Kindly share screenshot of deposited amount confirmation on email address:


Co-ordinate with
Dr. Nilakshi Jain: 9967039388
Shwetambari Borade: 8850200720

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Star PHP


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Star IoT Specialist

IoT Specialist

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Star Certified DevOps Expert

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Star Secure Programmer Expert - Android

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Ethical Hacking Expert

Ethical Hacking Expert

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Star Data Science Specialist


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Star AI & ML Business Application (SAMBA)


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Star Cyber Secure User


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Star Big Data Programming

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Star R Programming

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Star Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Expert

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Star Forensic Investigator


Star Forensic investigator in Computer Hacking is the practice of collecting, analyzing and reportin..

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Star Incident Handler


This course will help the attendees to learn the concepts related to the computer security incidents...

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Star Penetration Expert


After completing this course, attendees will be able to implement an incident management policies an...

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Star Expert Security


After completing this course, attendees will be able to implement an incident management policies an...

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Star Mobile Forensics


Mobile devices can be used to save several types of personal information such as contacts, photos, c...

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Star Cyber Security Analytics


The purpose of security analytics is to detect attacks as fast as possible, enable IT professionals ...

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Star Robotics xPert


Star Robotics Pre is a foundation-level certification program that aims to help learners acquire a f...

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Star AI X-Pert


Star AI Specilist is an advanced-level certification program that covers the advanced AI that is the...

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Star ML Fundamentals

Machine Learning Fundamental

Machine learning (ML) is a crucial component of AI and enables machines/computers....

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Why STAR Certification?

STAR Certifications help individuals build exceptional careers in information technology and
enable organizations to form a skilled and confident staff. Get certified and be ready for
today's and tomorrow's IT challenges.

STAR Certification is based on Skill and Knowledge. Acquiring a STAR Certification
vindicates the skill and knowledge level of the STAR Certified candidate.

Certificate Process

1. Registration Process
2. Prepare Exam
3. Scheduling an Exam
4. Taking the Exam
5. Get Certification