Welcome to Research Cell

SAKEC Research Cell strives towards the Vision and Mission of our institute. We at SAKEC have been undertaking consistent efforts to align our R&D activities to achieve technological competence and professional standards. The faculty and students undertake research projects in thriving areas of science, engineering, management and technology. Many of our projects offer opportunities in fundamental research that are focused to tackle live problems. The projects under the banner of SAKEC Research Cell work for the benefit of industry and society. We have established partnerships & are looking forward towards more such collaborations with some NGOs, Universities and Industries.

  • To encourage multi-disciplinary research, internally within the institute and externally, with other organizations.
  • To encourage interaction with industry and NGO’s working for societal benefits.
  • Review and recommend the project proposals and assist them to agencies for financial support.
  • To encourage students and faculties to form research/innovation councils that will work under guidance of technical professionals and financial experts for delivery of a product.
Total Interns

What Do People Say

Viraj Modi

Under the guidance of Research Cell, I got an opportunity to climb the social ladder and work for IDF. This was the first time when I was working for a live project and also doing it for a social cause. The journey was indeed tough but yet it is a memorable experience.

Nikhil Shetty

Under the guidance of Research Cell, I got an opportunity to work on a live project and put my knowledge for the social cause. I thank the Research Cell for providing this opportunity to work with Indian Development Foundation (IDF) and guiding us to achieve success.

Jainam Doshi, Nirali Dodhia, Rudresh Dongre & Gaurav Thakkur

It was great working with DFF on GNUKhata associated with Research Cell SAKEC. This opportunity gave us a much-needed exposure to the Linux operating system and introduced us to pyramid framework. It also taught us a lot about Git version control systems. It gave us the hugely beneficial experience of working in a team as well as working on an industry level project. This opportunity greatly helped us in our placement interviews and gave us a taste of what our future could be like in the industry. It not only gave a boost to our confidence by showing us our abilities to work in a corporate environment but also provided exposure to time management and project management skills. We would like to thank our Mentors, Research cell and the DFF team for this enriching experience which we will forever cherish.

Ansh Ved

Research Cell gave me the opportunity to develop the Speed Ambulance App for IDF. This project taught me the challenges faced for a social cause and also a real time project.