Project: Fire Fighter Robot

Fire Fighter Robot

Collaboration: Indian Development Foundation


  • We are developing a system which act as an advantage to deal with the serious fire conditions of the society
  • To integrate technology to benefit humanity
  • This technology could help prevent huge fire disasters
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Safety and speed are two of the most important aspects of any rescue operation. When a building or an area is subject to a fire, it can be very dangerous for any of the rescuing parties to assess the situation themselves without being subject to harm. A great alternative to this would be to use robots. Thus the problem by definition is being able to locate and extinguish a fire with minimal assistance of human beings and as fast as possible using a robot. This is to reduce the likelihood of anyone being injured as well as increase the promptness of putting out the fire due to the fact that a robot should not be affected by issues such as smoke or lack of oxygen.


We at Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College are developing a system which will consist of various things and features:

  • The robot can move automatically from place to place wirelessly
  • The robot can operate in dual mode as well that is manually
  • Automatic fire detection system