Project: Electronic Health Record Management System for Bombay Leprosy Project

Electronic Health Record Management System for Bombay Leprosy Project

Collaboration: Bombay Leprosy Project


  • To migrate the present record keeping system at BLP from hand written paper based forms to a digital database
  • Carry out health care data management and analysis; and long term follow-up of leprosy patients who default from treatment.
  • To help Doctors,volunteers and Patients for monitoring, tracking and assisting health records of leprosy patients treated by Bombay Leprosy Project
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Bombay Leprosy Project(BLP) is an NGO which deals with patients having Leprosy, They have a team of volunteers and Doctors who find and treat people having Leprosy. Leprosy is one of the oldest diseases known to mankind and India has the maximum number of leprosy cases in the world. The objective of the NGO is to eradicate leprosy from India.
We at Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College want to contribute to their efforts by this project:


  • The proposed system will a web and mobile based application which contribute to maintain electronic health care records for leprosy patients
  • The system/App will manage patient’s history by providing smart cards.
  • It will provide comprehensive management of leprosy patients at referral center and clinics in major government, municipal and private hospitals.
  • The Health records system will be deployed at Bombay Leprosy Project office.
  • The system /App will track the defaulter leprosy patients who failed to follow up at various center.
  • It allows users to report issues they face at leprosy facilities, and maps leprosy facilities centers available near a user’s location.
  • Users will also be able to track issues they have reported and raise follow-up queries.