Project: Speed Ambulance: Give way for life

Speed Ambulance: Give way for life

Collaboration: Indian Development Foundation


  • To make sure the time required by the ambulance to reach the patient from the hospital and back is minimal by providing it the fastest route available.
  • To provide live location of the ambulance to traffic police, hospital and the patient.
  • To connect the ambulance if stuck in traffic with the nearest traffic police.
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Speed Ambulance will be used in India to ensure the time spent by the ambulance in transporting the patient is reduced significantly thereby saving lives. If an ambulance is stuck in traffic it’s location will be sent to the nearest traffic police available in the vicinity to help the ambulance to navigate through the traffic. The live location of the ambulance will be available to the patient’s family as well as the hospital authorities to track it and monitor the time lapse.

In addition to that the ambulance can also capture the number plate of the car which is not making way for it.


We at Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College are developing:

Speed Ambulance Mobile application:

  • Providing Live location of Ambulance to the patient and Hospital
  • To connect the ambulance driver to the nearest Traffic police
  • Providing the fastest route to the driver via Google Maps
  • Adding Security measures to allow authorized users to access respective data


The “ME BECOMES WE“ Event held on 4th August2018, put its stamp on the collaboration of Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College with Indian Development Foundation.The students and mentors were applauded for their contribution in the MoU