Event: Call for Teacher Mentors: Supersonic Internship

Call for Teacher Mentors: Supersonic Internship

Date: 20 Apr, 2024

Status: Completed

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Internship opportunities at Supersonic Distribution Services Pvt. Ltd.

Greetings from the SAKEC Research Cell, Research Cell is hiring interns in the area of
electronics and hardware technology. To guide the students during the course of the project
Research Cell is welcoming teacher mentors for the various projects

Project 1: Inverter- battery Set for Chest Freezer
Designing an efficient and reliable power backup solution to ensure uninterrupted
operation of chest freezers using Inverter-Battery set.
Prerequisites: Carnot cycle, thermodynamics, power electronics, basic electronics and sensor

Project 2: Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer (SCSV)
Search & develop the cost-effective voltage stabilizer solution
range of 1.5KV-10KVA(1 Phase & 3 Phase)
Prerequisites: power electronics, linear electronics, phase lock loops.

Project 3: Solar based Hybrid Inverter
To develop the solar-based hybrid inverter that offers a sustainable
energy solution that maximizes the benefits of solar power while providing grid
independence and backup power capabilities.
Prerequisites: power electronics, basic electronics, photonics.

Project 4: Solar Controller for Solar Submersible Pump
To develop an advanced solar controller system tailored for solar submersible pumps,
optimizing solar energy utilization and pump performance to provide reliable and
sustainable water supply solutions.
Prerequisites: attenuation of EM waves and energy in water, mechanics, motors, water proof
circuitry and power electronics.

- Take advantage of this opportunity to guide the interns and gain insight and
understanding of the industry.