Event: Internship At Art Of Living

Internship At Art Of Living

Date: 18 Jul, 2019

Status: Completed

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SAKEC Research Cell Me becomes We: Together to Build a Strong Nation A new collaboration that will work for the purest element on earth…. A collaboration that will work for helping farmers….. A collaboration that will work for Building a Strong NATION….. A collaboration that will work for conserving ***WATER*** SAKEC has collaborated with ART of LIVING for providing Internship for the “Water Conservation Project” under The International Association of Human Values. Students and faculties were trained by Dr. Sandeep Sharad Shirkhedkar, Phd (Earthquake Engineering), Mr Manish Badiyani, Managing Director of Harihar Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd.(HIDC) and Mr Ashish Parikh, CEO of Parikh Secretarial Support Pvt Ltd. The overwhelming response and the enthusiasm of students and faculty was remarkable. Another notable achievement was the completions of PHYSICS VIDEOS made by students from first year (now second year), under the guidance of Prof. Namrata Mangalani. These videos are available on SAKEC Youtube channel. The concepts of physics are explained for better understanding .This initiative of the students will be helpful to the students in remote locations who don’t have access to the necessary equipments.