Instructions, Procedures and Rules for LOR

  1. Read the instructions before starting the online application process
  2. Incomplete application form will not be accepted and no communication to this effect will be made to applicants.
  3. Online Payement:
    Please visit college website to make online payment for LOR Processing Charges and LOR Security Deposit:Payment Page
    Sr. No.DescriptionAmountRemark
    1Letter of Recommendation Application Processing FeeRs.500/-
    Letter of Recommendation will be provided on College Letter Head duly signed.
    2Letter of Recommendation Security DepositRs.3000/-This amount will be refunded into your account after you upload the College Joining Letter and the proof First Semester Admission Fee Payment. (Upload Joining Documents)
  4. Note down the Transaction ID and Download the Payment Receipt immediately after making online payment.
  5. Payment once paid is not refundable.
  6. Students will be soley responsible for payment made and will indemnify the college for payment failures, etc.