Students Say

“Travelling is something which has always been very close to my heart and Europe was my Second International Trip after London. Just as in London I had one of the best experiences of my Life in Europe I can"
-Akash Kotak
“Thank you SAKEC GLOBAL IMMERSION for making this trip very memorable.It was very well planned and satisfying trip. We learnt lots of thing. Will be always happy to join you for future trips."
-Shivam Jadhav
“This was by far the most remarkable trip that I have ever been on, which I will cherish for many years to come! From making great new friends to countless breathtaking views, it truly made 2020 extremely memorable!"
-Urvi Shah
“Immersion's of our college have always been close to my heart. Be it from a student perspective or a coordinator perspective, both the kinds of experience were joyful and amazing in their unique ways."
-Bhavik Jain
“I’m sure when I say that the Europe trip was the best highlight and the best phase of 2020 for me and my fellow travel buddies all of them will strongly agree! I can’t wait to board flights and make tons of memories with them again."
-Janhavi Gosavi

Reports by Students