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Our Student Council Team

Siddhant Pokle

General Secretary

❝ Family, friends, jokes and laughter are definitely the things that define him. But beyond that his quality of being an approachable leader makes him stand out from the rest! ❞

Contact : 9821634718

Aishwarya Iyer

Cultural Secretary

❝ A single look can tell you that behind the beauty is an iron lady with a will. Soft in her speech ,fierce in her deeds, she's the heart and soul of the council ❞

Contact : 9930226436

Akshay Patil

Sports Secretary

❝ With a mind and body of an athlete, he leads his team to victory. With the ball dancing at his feet, he trains to accrete ❞

Contact : 8976828009

Bhakti Garde

Ladies Representative

❝ One would hold onto every word of hers. Her eyes speak of brilliance, her skills will leave you in awe of her. Representing the 'Naaris' of Sakec ❞

Contact : 9702105925

Madhu Chheda

Ladies Representative

❝ This doe eyed beauty of SAKEC, is a deadly combination of fierce and fancy. With a smile that captures hearts shes ever ready to go the extra mile. ❞

Contact : 9322019810

Aditya Garg

General Coordinator

❝ With his never say never attitude, this man has the superpower to dig up for solutions to any problem thrown at him. Determined Mr. Spiky Hair is always there in a crisis situation ready to help gremlins with a grin on his face. ❞

Contact : 9969982361

Jeet Jobanputra

Cultural Coordinator

❝ He day dreams like Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S but can forego food and work day in day out. This LeBunny lives his life king size and imagines it to be nothing less than legen...wait for it.. dary! His smile can never fade, nor his ever charming personality! ❞

Contact : 8425974067

Mayank Jain

Sports Coordinator

❝ A constant smile on his face, and a doctorate in the art of making people laugh, this guy is a rare kind in SAKEC. But do not underestimate this happy go lucky guy because he can turn into a giant on the cricket field. Ladies and gentlemen ❞

Contact : 9076365443

Roank Thakkar

Athelatic Coordinator

❝ When body gets tired and mind says this is how champions are made; where look up , get up but never give up is the aim; where pain is temporary and pride is the new fame, you'll find him standing tall leading the game. ❞

Contact : 7208548983

Rajasi Phatak


❝ She's got 99 problems but counting ain't one.Addition and subtraction. She’ll do the transaction. Our Treasurer is indeed a treasure to the Council ❞

Contact : 9920871990

Rushabh Saliya


❝ From eye catchy designs to gorgeous layouts, informative descriptions to polished interface. Working behind the scenes to create a technically beautiful page and a brand image. ❞

Contact : 9820370634

Ishan Parekh

On-Stage Head

❝ Enigmatic , yet sweet to talk to, this tireless captain is here to sail SAKEC's boat ashore. Psss.. don't be surprised if you find him norming on food while running around to get things done.People's friend , SAKEC's On Stage Head ❞

Contact : 8452822332

Abhishek Moudgil

On-Stage Coordinator

❝ Be careful around him, this master chef is very very good with knives and spices. Dancing his way from the fashion show team to the dance team via the drama team, he has mastered it all. Quick footed, quick witted, an Ustad in Hindi. That's our On-Stage coordinator ❞

Contact : 9869327895

Harsh Shah

Off-Stage Head

❝ He is a professional, but never forgets his humor. Be it moving mountains or clearing anthills, this guy is your go to person. Every day with him is like a rollercoaster! ❞

Contact : 8655136519

Mayur Kapadia

Off-Stage Coordinator

❝ With overflowing enthusiasm and energy, he is ready to seize every opportunity that comes his way. Wicket Keeper Batsman of the cricket team and people's interest alike, it is always a pleasure being around this photoholic jovial guy! ❞

Contact : 7208306022

Abhishek Diggewadi

Technical Head

❝ Amalgamation of wires and poetry this TCS ambassador stops at nothing but victory. Leading our technical fest is everyone's favourite , Abhishek aka Mr. Perfect! ❞

Contact : 9967892551

Sneh Chheda


❝ When you try your best but you don't succeed, when you get what you want but not what you need, he is the one known for getting things done. This organized bookkeeper who swears by Apple is your go to person to help with the lock, stock and barrel. He's the handler, the logistician. ❞

Contact : 9167621477

Tanish Kotyankar


❝ When he's not binge watching shows, this Game of Thrones lover is busy unravelling the mysteries of what his next meal is going to consist of. With his creative mind and gregarious nature, there can never be a dull moment with him around! ❞

Contact : 9833282683

Karan Soni


❝ A walking-talking human news agency, he can go on and on about current political affairs. And with convincing skills of a politician, you surely wouldn't want to be on the other side of an argument with him. ❞

Contact : 9029128736

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