Come join us and witness the best ever amalgamation of the finest art forms and see us present you the best ever “ART” Binging experience. Vibe with your favourite shows, favourite characters as we present to you with “Binge Flix” The second season of your last binge was teensy bit disappointing?
the wait for stranger things 4 is just too excrutiating?
the 15 seconds before the next episode got you to overthink a little too much?
guess what?
SAKEC has you covered here is something to cheer you up verve it is more than a cluster of events, it is a Festival! with the theme Bingeflix; events covering everything from performing arts to literary arts to celebrating the sakec culture in the most exhilarating way. the carnival to experience delicate performances, indulge in intricate world of creativity, savour the ferocious debates and finally and above all abandon yourself to the wonderful moments!


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