Message from Head – Training & Placement


The business world in today’s globalised economy is full of challenges and competition.A school is known by the quality of education, values and the holistic  perspective ,it delivers to its students and the rest of the world.So what is our USP? Top class faculty,contemporary teaching methods and ample opportunities for rewarding jobs. This sets us apart from the crowd. We have a national network of faculty (both academicians and industrialists alike) and we continue to add to that network. We have an environment that nurtures analytical thinking, rational decision making and an ethical approach towards any situation.We encourage creativity and enable educators to focus on research.

At the Department of Management studies, we create a talent pool that the current job market demands.We spend ample time with the corporate world to understand and customize our training needs to their demands. Every year sees the traditional recruiters as well as new companies that  approach us for talent.We are also sensitive to the changing times and are in a constant attempt to look out for fresher avenues for offering you a diverse number of rewarding job opportunities.

You are starting a great journey of learning in our department,  that would be a combination of pleasure and pain and will throw up  a variety of challenges.I am sure that you would be undaunted by these challenges and will only find them to be more inspiring. At the end of the journey you would be achievers who would bring pride to the Department.

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