Calculator Workshop 2019

Use of Scientific Calculator

Use of Scientific Calculator
Use of Scientific Calculator Workshop
Event Description

Greetings from IEEE-SAKEC

Do you know who’s going to help you out in your exams?

Ever wondered who’s going to be your best friend in this beautiful journey of Engineering?

The person who sits besides you?
Err… Maayyybe.

The person who shares your tiffin with you?
Hmm.. Could be.

But there’s this one guy, who will be there for you, through your thick and thin, through your integrals and derivatives.
Yes, its your Calculator

IEEE-SAKEC is conducting a special workshop on : Use of Scientific Calculator
This workshop is completely FREE and specially curated for First Year students where we will be teaching you right from the basics,
to the wisest hacks of the calculator.
So you need not worry about those big equations anymore.
Leave it to your best friend
Let us inform you that since this is an event for all First years, of all the branches, the seats run out soon
Worried about the Attendance? We got you covered !
Your Attendance would be submitted to your respective mentors.

So hurry up and register yourself just at a click of a button.

Date & Time
28th August 2019, 10:00 A.M. to 12.00 P.M. onwards
Venue 4th Floor Seminar Hall.
Event Coordinator
Krushal Shah: 9082918884
Tirth Bhatt: 7045659513

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