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“Intra-Collegiate Word Play Feb-2022.”

SAKEC – Speakers’ Club organized an Intra -Collegiate Wordplay event on 9th February 2022. Intra- Collegiate Wordplay is an event where participants had to compete in various rounds related to English Vocabulary. The qualifying round was conducted in 4th Floor Auditorium. The top 4 finalists were selected.
The finale was inaugrated by Dr. Bhavesh Patel & Dr. Vinit Kotak through Saraswati Vandana. The finale round was conducted on 7th floor Auditorium where the 4 finalists competed in multiple rounds.The winner of the event was Arya Thanekar and the runner up was Mohommad Areeb.
Participants expressed their views with great clarity and enthusiasm. It was a knowledgeable and enriching experience..

“Intra-Collegiate Word Play.” April 2021

SAKEC Speakers’ Club organized their first ever online event-Intra-Collegiate Wordplay on 3td April,2021 at 3.00pm on Microsoft Teams.The event focused on honing students’ vocabulary, sentence formation skills and overall knowledge of the English language in a fun and exciting manner. The event consisted of 5 rounds and time allotted was 30 minutes for 25 questions. Participants who successfully scored 60% or more in the quiz were awarded with certificates.

“Founder’s Day Event.” February 2020

Sakec Speakers’ Club organized an Inter departmental Word Play games on the occasion of their 3rd Anniversary on 4th February 2020. The event was inaugurated by Prof. Sanjay Patil sir and Prof. Manral Singh sir. It was an inter departmental competition. Students from all departments participated in it. The preliminary round was held on 3rd floor. Top 2 students from each department were merged together as a team for the finale which was conducted on the 7th floor Auditorium. The department of Electronics and Telecommunication was declared as the winner. Winner and 1st Runner up were given trophies and certificate. Then the co-founders of speakers’ club were felicitated by Sharmila ma’am.

“Inter- Collegiate General Knowledge Quiz Competition” October 2019

SAKEC Speakers’Club organized an Inter- Collegiate General Knowledge Quiz.The preliminary round of this event was held at the 3rd floor auditorium and the Finale rounds were conducted in the 7th floor auditorium on 9th October,2019. The idea behind this quiz was to bring together students from various Under Graduate colleges across Mumbai and push them to the limit of their General Knowledge with innovative different rounds. The essence of these rounds is to add a twist and act as a game changer that spikes up the interest of the event and keeps the participants with their thinking hats on all the time.SAKEC Speakers’ Club – General knowledge quiz- 2019, Make Your Gray Matter was an exciting affair. Nine teams of three participants each from colleges all over Mumbai participated in the event.The preliminary knock out round of the quiz was a multiple choice pen and paper test. Only four teams out of the nine were selected for the next round.The next phase of the Quiz saw the final 4 teams battle it out in the grand finale. This phase consisted of 5 rounds viz Quiz Fiesta, Smart Select, Rapid Fire, Gambling Round and the Buzzer Round. After the final round the top 3 scoring teams were declared winner, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up respectively.The winning teams were awarded with medals, trophies, cash prizes and certificates and the remaining teams were felicitated with participation certificates.


The Speakers’Club of Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College in Collaboration with the Vigilance Cell of Rashtriya Chemical and Fertilizer Ltd. (RCF) had organised an intra- collegiate Elocution Competition on 4th October, 2019. The event was held at the 2nd floor auditorium and was part of the Vigilance Awareness Week program of RCF. The goal of the event was to help spread awareness regarding moral societal values and ethics. The event saw large number of participants to share their views, ideas and thoughts on the topic “Integrity a Way of Life”.. The event was judged by faculty members of the college and officials from RCF. Each participant was allotted 5 minutes time to share his /her views. At the end of the event ,all the participants were given a token gift by RCF officials. It was an informative event which not only helped students inculcate a sense of morality and ethics, but also helped them overcome their fear of public speaking .


SAKEC Speakers’Club organised an Inter- Collegiate Technical Debate. On 31st August ,2019.This event aimed at providing students from various Technical backgrounds (such as B.Sc IT, B.Sc CS, BE, ME, Polytechnic, etc) to prove their technical expertise as well as provide students a platform to socialize and overcome their fear of public speaking. This event was held in the 7th floor auditorium of Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College. A total of 11 teams from various Technical colleges participated in the event and two out of the 11 teams were crowned as winners and runner ups. The event consisted of multiple rounds and each round consisted of two teams and the chits decided which team would speak on what topic and whether the team will speak in favour or against the topic. After every round the losing team with the lower score would be eliminated and the winning team would proceed to the next round. The winners and runner ups were felicitated with cash prizes, trophies and certificates and the remaining teams were given participation certificates.

“Inter Collegiate Quiz Competition” October 2018

Sakec Speakers’ Club Conducted an inter-collegiate general knowledge quiz competition on 6th October,2018in the 7th floor auditorium. The event was a grand success with almost 20 teams taking part.Dr.Radhakrishna Pillai was the chief guest of the event. VESIT were the winners of the event.

“Floor Crossing” August 2018

Speakers’ Club of Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College organized a Floor Crossing event on 29th August 2018. Floor crossing is an event where a person first supports a given topic and then midway has to change side and oppose it. The event was judged by Prof. Jagat Singh Manral.The participants selected their topics by picking up a chit randomly.They spoke two minutes in favour of the topic and then two minutes against the topic. The winner of the event was ADIT SHAH and the runner up was AADITYA AUROBINDO.Participants expressed their views with great clarity and enthusiasm. It was a knowledgeable and enriching experience.

“Technical Debate” February 2018

CSI-SAKEC in Collaboration with The Speakers’ Club of SAKEC and Computer Engineering Department of Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College, organized an Inter-Collegiate Technical Debate, on 3rd Feb 2018, a Pre-Event of CSI_Mumbai , TechNext India 2018. This debate was a Grand Success, with participants from numerous Engineering Colleges and streams. Participants participated in teams of 2. The topics for this debate were technology based. At the SAKEC Technical Debate, SAKEC team emerged as winners, while the Runner Ups were from D.J. Sanghvi College of Engineering.

Speakers’ club of Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College has organised an inter-collegiate quiz competition called SAKEC Quiz-the battle of brains sponsored by Union Bank of India.This competition contained 2 rounds – The Knockout Round(19thAugust ) and the Grand finale(21st September). Winners of the Grand Finale were given cash prize.
Speakers’ club of Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering Collegehas organised an intra-collegiate quiz competition called Quizzard-the battle of brains.This competition contained 2 rounds – Preliminary round and the finale.
A MCQ based quiz was conducted in the preliminary round, from which top 3 participants of every department (Computer, Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunication and Electronics) were selected for the final round. These 3 participants formed a team and represented their respective departments in the final round.
“Speakers’Club Inauguration” March 2017
Speakers’ Club of Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College was inaugurated on 4th February 2017. This Club conducted it’s first event on 4th March 2017. An intra Collegiate quiz competition where three students from each department competed for the most coveted rolling trophy. The Department of Electronics and Telecommunication emerged victorious by clinching the King of Quiz title and also the Queen of Quiz title. Besides these titles they were also the winners of the competition.

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