Scilab Toolbox Hackathon

Scilab Toolbox Hackathon
Scilab Toolbox Hackathon

FOSSEE project & IIT Bombay, is organising a Scilab Toolbox Hackathon.
The FOSSEE project actively advocates and promotes Scilab, which is an excellent alternative to the popular, proprietary, software Matlab. The objective of this hackathon is to make available any established open-source software callable from Scilab, thereby extending the capabilities of Scilab.

Registration Starts 24th May, 2020
Registration Endss 31st May, 2020
Rewards Cash Prizes,e-Certificate and Internship Opportunities
Who can participate Anyone who is well acquainted with software development and interfacing different types of software can do well in this hackathon, if they have as partner(s) people who are knowledgeable about any application area, and with some Scilab familiarity.
Proposal Click here to download
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