Sample Question Papers of Rev 2012 Scheme

Note :

  1. Following are the Sample Question Papers for the subjects of Revised 2012 Scheme
  2. These are just sample question papers and the questions may or may not come from these question papers. 
Branch Semester Subject
Electronics Engineering SEM-V Microcontrollers & Applications
Electromagnetic Engineering
Signals & Systems
SEM-VI Basic VLSI Design
Advanced Instrumentation System
Computer Organization
Power Electronics -I
Digital Signal Processing and Processors
SEM-VII IC Technology
Power Electronics II
Computer Communication & Networks
Digital Image Processing
Artificial Intelligence
Optical Fiber Communication
MEMS Technology
Mobile Communication
Computer Engineering SEM-V Microprocessor
Operating System
Structured & Object Oriented Analysis and Design
Computer Networks
SEM-VI System Programming and Compiler Construction
Software Engineering
Distributed Databases
Mobile Communication and Computing
SEM-VII Cryptography & System Security
Digital Signal Processing
Artificial Intelligence
Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply Chain Management
Soft Computing
Software Architecture
Image Processing
SEM-VIII Data Warehousing and Mining
Human Machine Interaction
Parallel and Distributed Systems
Machine learning
Big Data Analytics
Digital Forensics
Information Technology SEM-V Computer Graphics & Virtual Reality
Microcontroller and Embedded System
Advanced Database Management Systems
Open Source Technologies
SEM-VI Software Engineering
Distrbuted Systems
Data Mining and Business Intelligence
System And Web Security
Advanced Internet Technology
SEM-VII Cloud Computing
Software Project Management
Intelligent Systems
Wireless Technology
Image Processing
Software Architecture
E-commerce & E-business
Multimedia Systems
Usability Engineering
Big Data Analysis
Computer Simulation and Modeling
Enterprise Resource Planning
Software Testing & Quality Assurance
Soft Computing
Wireless Sensor Network
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering SEM-V Microcontrollers & Applications
Random Signal Analysis
RF Modeling and Antennas
Integrated Circuits
SEM-VI Digital Communication
Computer Communication Telcom Network
Television Engineering
Operating Systems
VLSI Design
SEM-VII Mobile Communication
Image and Video Processing
Optical Communication Network
Microwave and Radar Engineering
Data Compression and Encryption
Neural networks and fuzzy logic
CMOS Analog and Mixed Signal VLSI Design
SEM-VIII Wireless Networks
Satellite Communication and Networks
Advanced Networking Technologies
Internet and Voice Communication
Speech Processing
Telecommunication Network Management
Microwave Integrated Circuit

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