Monthly Writing Activities from Jan-June 2020
Some of the cues provided for these months were New Year, Republic Day, Shivaji Jayanti, Positivity During Lockdown,Activities During Home Quarantine,Hope in the time of Pandemic,What has the Pandemic Taught us,Minimalism and it’s Significance,Unlock 2.0. We got an amazing response of over 20 submissions from both staff and students, even during the lockdown period. These articles garnered around 450 likes, 180 shares and many positive comments. All of them have been posted in the Notes section of our institution’s official FaceBook page.

Felicitation Ceremony For Heartfulness Essay Competition FEBRUARY 2020
Felicitation Ceremony for Heartfulness Essay Competition was conducted on 23rd February 2020 at Kharghar Centre of Shri Ramchandra Mission. Ms. Khushi Khetia of T.E Electronics Engineering and Ms. Ria Sapra of Computer Engineering were felicitated for receiving Certificate of Merit.
Heartfulness Essay Competition AUGUST 2019
SHRI RAM CHANDRA MISSION in collaboration with UNITED NATIONS INFORMATION CENTRE FOR INDIA AND BHUTAN And HEARTFULNESS EDUCATION TRUST,organised HEARTFULLNESS ESSAY EVENT -2019. The All India Essay Writing Event has been the flagship event of the partnership between the United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan ( UNIC ) and Shri Ram Chandra Mission ( SRCM ) for the past 14 years. It was conducted during the months of August and September 2019 and was publicized and handled in our college by SAKEC SAMBODHI. The topic was All love is expansion, all selfishness is contraction (Swami Vivekananda) and the maximum word limit was 750 words. Many students from various departments of SAKEC participated and mailed their essays to SAKEC SAMBODHI, which were passed on to SHRI RAM CHANDRA MISSION for further scrutiny.

Writing Activities for First Half 2019
SAKEC SAMBODHI conducted three writing activities for the month of July, August and September. Certain cues for every month were provided and students and staff were encouraged to contribute prose or poem in English, Hindi, Marathi or Gujarati. The writing cue for July was Monsoons and Mumbaikar. The cues for August were Significance of Independence Day, My Sibling and Everyday is Friendship’s Day. The cues for September were Ganeshotsav, Importance of Teachers and Why I am proud of being an engineer. The topics for October, November and December were open.
This activity saw a huge response from both staff and students and every contribution has been shared on ‘Notes’ section of our college FaceBook page.

Writer’Club SAKEC SAMBODHI Inauguration JULY 2019
The inauguration function of SAKEC Writers’ Club – SAKEC SAMBODHI was held on 24/7/2019 at 3:00pm in the 2nd floor seminar room. Principal Dr.Bhavesh Patel , vice principal Dr.V.C.Kotak, HODs, many other staff members and students graced the function. The SAMBODHI logo was unveiled and the writing topic of the month was announced as Monsoons and Mumbaikar. Members of the audience were encouraged to write on the Sambodhi ScrapBook with a quill, an experience which was enjoyed by all.
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