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e-Yantra Lab Inauguration (Embedded Systems & Robotics Lab)
On 20th December, 2018 online Embedded Systems & Robotics Laboratory (e-Yantra Lab.) inaugurations was organised by e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative (eLSI) – IIT Bombay. Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College is one of the 27 collages across India where this inauguration ceremony has been done. Online Embedded Systems & Robotics Laboratory (e-Yantra Lab.) Inauguration is, supported by e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative (eLSI) – IIT Bombay and funded by MHRD under National Mission on Education through ICT (NMEICT). e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative (eLSI) is a program under which colleges are encouraged to setup robotics laboratory. It is designed as a scalable and sustainable approach that addresses infrastructure creation and teacher training – to create an eco-system at the colleges to impart effective engineering education.
The inauguration was conducted on fourth floor auditorium at 11 o’clock along with many other colleges across India. All the colleges along with IIT Bombay co-ordinators were connected to each other online by ‘Go To Meeting’ software. DR. KAVI ARYA, head of e-yantra initiative IIT Bombay was present online. SAKEC was at second position for online inauguration.
At SAKEC’s turn inauguration began with the lightning of the lamp by the Principal Dr. Bhavesh Patel, Vice-Principal Dr. Vinit Kotak, SAKEC Robo Club In-charge Prof. Jagdish Sarode, Head of Electronics Department, Dr. Subha Subramaniam and members of SAKEC Robo Club. This was followed by inauguration of sinage board of Embedded Systems & Robotics Laboratory (e-Yantra Lab.). Faculty members who have completed e-Yantra Task Based training (e-Yantra TBT) have been handed over the Robots provided by IIT Bombay.Then certificates of merit were handed over to the faculty who have completed e-Yantra TBT workshop by Principal. Dr. Bhavesh Patel gave best wishes to team.
After completion of inauguration of e-Yantra Lab at SAKEC by college dignitaries, DR. KAVI ARYA principle investigator of e-Yantra, IIT Bombay, online inaugurated the e-Yantra lab of SAKEC along with other colleges by sharing his best wishes to the new start.

Expert Lecture on Space Technology
On September 26, Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College’s SAKEC ROBO CLUB conducted an interactive session with Mr. PranitPatil (scientist Astronaut candidate of NASA) regarding his experiences in the space exploration, space technology and current guidelines in universal exploration. He has been a part of the high- profile teams which worked on Mars Missions and recently he was involved in the Kepler Mission- NASA’s first mission capable of finding Earth-size planets around other stars. He is currently working on project POSSUM.


The event began with the lightening of the lamp by the vice principal V.C. KOTAK and JAGDISH SARODE sir and welcome speech by a member of SAKEC ROBOCLUB Then Mr. Patil began with the outlet of space and gave a general idea of NASA recent projects and future plans. He then introduced to the students about applications of CubeSats and technologies used in the architecture of launching system. He also shared his valiant experience of tests he passed through before he was clad in suit of astronaut and how he got the license of fighter plane where dealing with acceleration 4G, 0G and even -2G at the height of 330 m from the ground becomes very difficult.

Migrating to our cousin planet MARS has always been a dream of humans. ‘But how cool or hard MARS is! Do we have sufficient water to quench the thirst of all?’ Mr. Patil gave a detailed information and answers to our intimate questions and the practises and attempts of NASA for human sustainable development over MARS. But his recent project to reach Keplar452B (twin planet of earth) was far more fascinating. However, when he informed that ‘keplar452B is 1400 light years away from earth’ – dejected everybody- as it doesn’t seem possible to ever reach there. His recent project, Possum (still in progress) – using of positron in aeronautical science to reach the speed equivalent to light- exhilarated the audience to learn more regarding the mechanism which is soon going to be used. All this information is available because of voyager launched by NASA in 1977 which is still under working condition because of the use of antimatter propulsion which caught the interest of the audience.

Later Mr.Pranit Patil gave the career guidance to the future engineers on getting into space science. He has also busted the myths regarding the same.
Seminar was concluded by Mr. Rinkesh Kurkure member of Imperial Scientific Association -pen Maharashtra gave the overview about Nano technology and material science which caught the student’s attention.

Hands-on workshop & competition on ROBOTICS
On September 27,28 and 29th august 2018, Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College’s SAKEC ROBOCLUB organized an 3 days Hands-on Robotics workshop & competition in association with Eduprime Technologies Mr. Hitarth Patel and team.


The Workshop started with introduction of basic programming functions, introduction and functioning of 8051 microcontroller and logic design. in workshop teams been formed of 5 registered students, 5 students will be working as team throughout the session which gives students an flavour of working with team, then each team given Arduino kit and necessary accessories. student been taught to assemble the robots from basic kit, and coding for movement of assembled robot.

The session was very interactive , Mr. Hitarth Patel and team solving each and every queries of students and also encouraged to do experiment with variation in inputs. Students were very enthusiastic as they assembled the bots and able to perform various movements by trying input variation.

On last day Competition was conducted, there were two rounds and separate problem statement, 30 minutes of time was given to write and compile the code to navigate assembled robots on track from 19 teams, 5 teams shortlisted for second round of competition, from which winner and runner up declared.

SAKEC Robo Club Inauguration
SAKEC Robo Club was inaugurated on 5thApril,2018 by Dr. T. A. Dwarkanath, Scientific Officer-H, Division of Robotics & Remote Handling, BARC, Mumbai along with Principal Dr. Bhavesh Patel, Vice Principal Dr. V. C. Kotak and Heads of the Departments. Dr.T.A. Dwarkanath addressed the gathering about the emerging technologies in Robotics field and during his presentation he introduced the use of Robotics in remote handling of atomic material in BARC.

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