Our Distinguished Alumni

Gugan Thoppe

Mr. Gugan Thoppe
Post-Doctoral Associate
Duke University, USA
Branch: IT Year: 2004

Mihir Ravani

Mr. Mihir Ravani
Chief Executive Officer
Elixia Tech Solutions Limited
Branch: Computers Year: 2011

Priyansh Maru

Mr. Priyansh Maru
Product Manager
Amazon Business – Tech
Branch: IT Year: 2011

Rishi Popat

Mr. Rishi Popat
Solution Engineering Manager
Oracle Corp.
Branch: Computers Year: 2007

Sanjay Mehta

Mr. Sanjay Mehta
Centre of Recognition & Excellence
Branch: Electronics Year: 1993

Siddharth Panditpautra

Mr. Siddharth Panditpautra
OneRoof Technologies LLP
Branch: IT Year: 2013 

Yash Seth

Mr. Yash Seth
Founder and CEO
Let it Wag
Branch: IT Year: 2012

Atul Gandre

Mr. Atul Gandre
Global Technology Head
IBM Software

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