Opportunity to work with GCV LIFE PVT. LTD

Opportunity to work with GCV LIFE PVT. LTD

Event Internship at GCV LIFE PVT. LTD

GCV LIFE PVT. LTD is looking for Web and Mobile Application Developers. Register Yourself on the Below Link.

Last date to register 10th December 2019
Project 1 Details Project Name: Project Incent

The objective the project is to facilitate Sales Reps of an organisation to know his Incentive / Commission for the efforts he has put in in his Territory. In the current scenario Sales Reps putting efforts to generate the sale for an organisation but still not able to make out how he will be benefited with his efforts.

Objective: – To develop User Friendly, Interactive, Speediest and Cost Effective Incentive Tool that will facilitate Sales Rep to know their incentive at the convenience and ease.
– Tool will be Web based as well as in the form of Mobile App.
– Tool has three approaches
o Incentive Calculator – This should calculate Incentive based Actual Efforts in terms of Sales and Calls/Visits
o Incentive Simulator – This should calculate based on actuals as on date how much Incentive will be earned
o Incentive Predictor – This should recommend the user to focus on a particular area that will help him/her to earn Incentive.
Project 1 Details Project Name: Project Vitalis

This project facilitates Top, senior and middle Management of an organisation to analyse, slice and dice their Sales and Efforts (Calls/ Visits by Sales Rep) data conveniently on their own.
Objective: – To convert existing Excel based product into Web based software and provide end to end solution that is User Friendly, Interactive, Speediest and Cost Effective.
Note: – Excel based product has Interactive Dashboards and is currently used by the clients.

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