Local Managing Committee

Role of Local Management Committee

  1. To decide about the overall teaching programs or annual calendar of the college
  2. To recommend to the management about introducing new academic courses
  3. To take review of the self-financing courses in the college, if any, and make recommendations for their improvement
  4. To make specific recommendations to the management to encourage and strengthen research culture, consultancy and extension activities in the college
  5. To make specific recommendations to the management to foster academic collaborations to strengthen teaching and research
  6. To make specific recommendations to the management to encourage the use of information and communication technology in teaching and learning process
  7. To make recommendations regarding the students’ and employees’ welfare activities in the college or institution
Local Management Committee
01 Shri. Keshavjibhai U. Chhadva Chairman
02 Shri. Navinbhai K. Shah Member
03 Shri. Mansukhbhai Shah Member
04 Shri Jayantibhai K. Chhadva Member
05 Dr. Bhavesh Patel ,Principal Member Secretary
06 Dr. V. C. Kotak, Vice-Principal Member Teaching Staff
07 Ms. T. P. Vinutha Member Teaching Staff
07 Ms. Jalpa Mehta Member Teaching Staff
08 Ms. Manju Deshpande Member Non-Teaching Staff

Extension Of Approval
01 Academic Year 1993-95 View
02 Academic Year 1998-99 View
03 Academic Year 1998-99 View
04 Academic Year 1999-2001 View
05 Academic Year 2001-2002 View
06 Academic Year 2002-2005 View
07 Academic Year 2003-2004 View
08 Academic Year 2004-2005 View
09 Academic Year 2006-2007 View
10 Academic Year 2007-2008 View
11 Academic Year 2008-2011 View
12 Academic Year 2011-2012 View
13 Academic Year 2012-2013 View
14 Academic Year 2013-2014 View
15 Academic Year 2014-2015 View
16 Academic Year 2015-2016 View
17 Academic Year 2016-2017 View
17 Academic Year 2017-2018 View
18 Academic Year 2018-2019 View

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