Chairman’s Desk
Shri. Keshavji Umarshi Chhadva
Chairman Trust Board
Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College was established in 1985 for the purpose of imparting quality technical education. The college is managed by Mahavir Education Trust. It offers under graduate and post graduate courses in several branches of engineering and a post graduate course in Management Studies.We at our college, cherish a mission of achieving our goal of imparting state of art technical education in emerging Engineering disciplines. We fulfill our commitment through periodic review of academic environment and management system and continual improvement of infrastructure, teaching techniques and faculty skills to keep pace with the technological developments. While doing so we ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations.Apart from training the young minds to be good technocrats, we also are very keen to mould our students to become good human beings with a deep sense of love and respect towards our country and our society. I take great pleasure in acknowledging the team effort put by our staff at SAKEC in achieving this goal.
Principal’s Desk

Education is a lifelong learning process which meets the variety of needs of Industry, Business and the Community and includes skill training or upgrading of skills and knowledge through competence based education.Industries are constantly changing. Education is required for everyone to stay current with the latest developments, skills, and new technologies required for their fields. We inculcate students in various activities so that their thought process is independent to the apprehensions and they develop sensitivity within themselves. At SAKEC the content and the teaching methodologies used are structured in such a fashion that it gives myriad practical exposure to the students.As may be appreciated a thorough insight into the inter-dependent features of multi-layered teaching learning process is a sine qua non to understand the emerging dynamics of the varied modes of engineering education and to optimize the emerging opportunities.Welcome to SAKEC. Be a mover in placing this unique institution of higher, specialized pedagogy as a centre of repute in the amazing world of engineering education.

Dr. Bhavesh Patel
TPO’s Desk
Dr. Vinit. C. Kotak
Training and Placement Officer

“Intellectual growth should commence at the birth and cease only at death”. -Albert Einstein.

Human resources and technical advancements are the two important vital pillars for any nation’s long term and sustainable growth and development. Modern technology and globalization has made the world a very small place, thus making the role of engineer more important and challenging than ever. This challenge also provides ample opportunities to capitalized on one’s skill set and talents. The demand is huge and we, at Shah And Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College, are ready to provide quality, holistic engineering education coupled with managerial sciences to meet this challenge. Since inception , our endeavour, has been to create world class engineers and leaders who are our brand ambassadors.Our alumni both from the engineering as well as management departments occupy coveted position in organizations of repute both on India and overseas. We provide quality education (academic and para academic) that are the benchmarked with leading institutions in the country, to our students. The campus is haven in the busy city of Mumbai, green and cosy, in sync with nature. I welcome you to this journey of learning, in which I will be your constant support, along with my team of well qualified, eager and energetic faculty.

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