IOT using Raspberry Pi

IOT using Raspberry Pi
IOT using Raspberry Pi
Event  Raspberry Pi is a fully-functional single-board computer with a Broadcom processor, while others are microcontroller-based physical computing platforms. On Raspberry Pi, you can run operating system like Linux, FreeBSD, and even Windows 10 from a micro SD card. Plug it into a monitor, keyboard, and a mouse; you have a full graphical user-interface of an OS of your choice. You can think of Raspberry Pi as a low-cost little computer with programmable I/O pins where you can attach physical devices and sensors, so you can prototype your dreams, a smart home, for instance, all on your own.
Information Technology department in association with IETE is organizing a hands-on workshop session on “IOT using Raspberry Pi”

What will you learn?
  • Details about Raspberry Pi
  • Installing Raspberry Pi OS
  • Types Of OS for Raspberry Pi
  • Programming in Raspberry Pi OS
  • Interfacing with Basic Sensors
  • Data Visualization of Sensor
  • Importance of Raspberry Pi in IoT
Date & Time 27th Feb. 2021 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 pm
Speakers Mr.Rohit Misra (5 years of experience in IOT field)
Mr.Manav Mehta (Technical assistant )
Platform Microsoft Teams Meeting

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