Idea Competition by IIC SAKEC

Idea Competition by IIC SAKEC
Idea Competition by IIC SAKEC
Event An idea is a mental representational image of an object or a thought. It is rightly said that the value of an idea lies in its usage. IIC-SAKEC invites innovative ideas of students those who are willing to portray their thoughts and present their ideas. This is the best platform for students having ideas with marketing potentials and social impacts.
Ideas can be abstract concepts, opinions or beliefs regardless of them being valid.
What’s more important is the capacity to create and understand the meaning of ideas, which is considered to be an essential feature and can be brought about among students flourishing through such competitions.
This Idea Competition can be the first step towards turning your Idea into reality.
The ideas of students must be covering at least two of these themes
  • Agricultural and Rural Development.
  • Health care
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Others

An important thing to note is that students will be evaluated on the basis of novelty, methodology, social impact and marketing potential of their ideas.

Further events to be conducted after Idea Competition are:
  1. Design Competition for Proof of Concept Development (Tentative Date between 1st – 30th April 2019)
  2. Proof of Concept Exhibition (Tentative date between 1st -15th May 2019)
  3. Business Plan Development (Tentative date between 15th May – 30th June 2019)
  4. Innovation Competition i.e. Boot Camp for prototype development (Tentative date between 1st -31st July 2019)
  5. Regional Exhibition (Tentative date between 1st -31st August 2019)
  6. National Exhibition (Tentative date 15th October 2019)
  7. Selected Best Ideas will be awarded by MIC (Tentative date 11th November 2019)
    Teams in each event shall be shortlisted for the final event.
Date & Time 30th March 2019 10:00 A.M. Onwards
Venue Foyer, Ground Floor

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