Governing Body

Role of Governing Body

1.       To approve the vision and mission of the institution, academic programs &strategic plans and   annual budgets, ensuring that these meet the interests of all stakeholders.

2.       To ensure the establishment and monitoring of proper, effective and efficient systems of control and accountability.

3.       To monitor institutional performance and quality assurance arrangements, which should be, where possible and appropriate, benchmarked against other institutions  nationally and internationally.

4.       To put in place suitable arrangements for monitoring the head of the institution’s Performance.


Governing Body Members
01 Shri. Jayantibhai K. Chhadva Chairman
02 Shri. Damji Lalji Shah Member
03 Shri. Navinbhai K. Shah Member
04 Shri. Mansukhbhai L. Shah Member
05 Dr. Ajeet Singh (AICTE Nominee) Member
06 Shri. P. A. Naik, Jt. Director (DTE Nominee) Member
07 Vice Chancellor’s Nominee Member
08 Dr. B. B. Meshram (Nominee of Regional Committee) Member
09 Shri. Abhay Phansikar (State Govt Nominee) Member
10 Dr. Bhavesh Patel, Principal Member-Secretary
11 Dr. V. C. Kotak Member
12 Prof. Swati Nadkarni Member

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