Data Mining Cup 2022

Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College (SAKEC) as an esteemed educational institute feels proud to announce that our teams
“Coll_SAKEC_2” has ranked 2nd nationally and 21st internationally
“Coll_SAKEC_1” has ranked 3rd nationally and 22nd internationally.

The DATA MINING CUP (DMC) has inspired students around the world to pursue intelligent data analysis since the year 2000. This year 78 teams from 59 universities in 23 countries took part in the competition.
Consecutively for 4 years, teams from SAKEC have outperformed in the Data Mining Cup.
We congratulate each and every member of the team for their exceptional performance. The team “Coll_SAKEC_2” consisted of Naman Desai, Rummaan Ahmad, Sachin Singh, and Shivam Prajapati guided by mentors Ms. Ashwini Deshmukh and Ms. Komal Patil.The team “Coll_SAKEC_1” consisted of Atik Mujawar, Akash Makwana, Anirudh Gupta, and Apurva Shardul guided by mentors Ms. Manya Gidwani and Ms.Theres Bemila Jenet. We appreciate Ms.Swati Nadkarni, Head of the IT Department for her efforts to motivate students and mentors. Special Gratitude to Principal Dr.Bhavesh Patel for his enormous support and constant guidance.
We truly believe that these teams have enthusiastically participated and taken immense efforts. Heartiest congratulations to everyone!!!

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