Roll Of Honour

RESULT 2019-20

Year Name CGPI
Second Year Jeel Malde and Simranjeet Kaur Gold Medalist (CGPA 9.92)
Priyanka Devadiga Silver Medalist (CGPA 9.77)
Third Year Rahul Jagtap and Ankit Goswami Gold Medalist (CGPA 10)
Ashwini Gangwal Silver Medalist (CGPA 9.925)
Final Year Narvekar Tejaswi Gold Medalist (CGPA 8.975)
Kanchan Jha Silver Medalist (CGPA 8.825)

RESULT 2018- 2019

Year Name CGPI
Second Year Shaikh Sara Abdul Kalim Gold Medalist (CGPA 9.795)
Kotnis Juilee Samir Silver Medalist (CGPA 9.775)
Third Year Jha Kanchan R Gold Medalist (CGPA 8.455)
Mohammad Aiyoob B Silver Medalist (CGPA 8.18)
Final Year Varma Sarita ManojKumar Gold Medalist (CGPA 8.905)
Joglekar Tanvi Hari Silver Medalist (CGPA 8.76)

RESULT 2017- 2018

Year Name CGPI
Second Year Kanchan R. Jha Gold Medalist (CGPA 8.89)
Sara S. Patil        and      Aiyoob B. Mohammad Silver Medalist (CGPA 7.88)
Third Year Tanvi H. Jogalekar Gold Medalist (CGPA 9.67)
Sneha Dornala Silver Medalist (CGPA 9)
Final Year Shukala Arvind Gold Medalist (CGPA 9.02)
Dyanada Kadam and Sameer Enjapuri Silver Medalist (CGPA 8.55)

RESULT 2016- 2017

Year Name CGPI
Second Year Sushant B Awale Gold Medalist (CGPA 9.21)
Tanvi H Jogalekar Silver Medalist (CGPA 8.65)
Third Year Dyanada Parab Gold Medalist (CGPA 9.67)
Sameer Enjapuri Silver Medalist (CGPA 9.25)
Final Year Aditi Dumbare Gold Medalist (CGPA 9.47)
Pawar Snehal Silver Medalist (CGPA 9.42)

RESULT 2015- 2016

Year Name CGPI
Second Year Dyanada Parab Gold Medalist (CGPA 9.085)
Mali Ganesh Silver Medalist (CGPA 8.915)
Third Year Matharu Sukwinder Gold Medalist (CGPA 9.855)
Mahajan Yogita Silver Medalist (CGPA 9.82)
Final Year Nair Pooja Gold Medalist (CGPA 8.455)
Koli Gauri Silver Medalist (CGPA 8.365)

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