CYBERFRAT SAKEC Student’s Chapter Events

Sr.No Name of the Event Date of Event Name Of the Speaker Status
1 Webinar on NIST Cybersecurity & Ransomware Framework 23rd & 24th October,2021 Anil Chiplunkar Upcoming
2 Webinar on Implementing Information Security at SMBs/ SME’s 14th October, 2021 Aman Chhikara Upcoming
3 Webinar on Cyber Security Policy Formulation 7th October, 2021 Nishant Singh Completed
4 LinkedIn Workshop by Colloquium 30th September,2021 By Colloquium Completed
5 Webinar on Financial Cyber Crimes 30th September,2021 Khushbu Jain, Partner at Ark Legal Completed
6 Contest on Cyber Security Tip 26th September ,2021 Onwards Completed
7 Webinar on Third party risk management 25th September,2021 1.Ajay C. Bhayani, Director Security, AmbiSure Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
2.S Srikanth, Head of Information Security, TVS Motor Company
8 Webinar on Changing face of cyber security 23rd September,2021 Subramanian U, Information/Cyber Security,
Data Privacy & IT professional. Cyber Fraud Investigator
9 Webinar on Digital Forensic Workshop 19th to 26th September,2021 Sameer Datt,
Founder and CEO,
10 Webinar on social media forensic 16th September,2021 Nilay Mistry Completed
11 Webinar on Data privacy via data protection 9th September,2021 Anil Chiplunkar, Information/Cyber Security,
Data Privacy & IT professional.Cyber Fraud Investigator

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