CSCU certification

Glimpse of CSCU Certification
“Education opens up the mind, expands it and allows you to improve your life in so many ways.”
With EC Council Certification SAKEC students and External participants have shown great interest and exhibited remarkable performance.
We are honored to congratulate the following participants to complete Cyber Secure Computer User Certification (CSCU) .Total of 52 participants completed the certification.
With this amazing performance we thank Mr Rahul Gupta EC Council CSCU Instructor
We appreciate the efforts taken by Cyber Security Department SAKEC and RPCL team to carry out the exam smoothly which have boosted the morale of many students. We also extend our sincere thanks to Mr. Mukesh Kumar and Ms. Vandan Tiwari RPCL for the smooth flow of the exams.
With our slogan “Me becomes We”, step by step to work collectively and impart trending industry qualities to our students.


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