Every year, SAKEC Fests united our dreams and allowed us to excel in what we believe. It gave us a platform to innovate, inspire and ignite. This year, we're ready to push the boundaries and aim even higher! And to represent our ambitious visions, we bring to you Pratishtha - The Annual Symposium of SAKEC.

Pratishtha symbolizes prestige, honour and dignified actions, the very pillars on which SAKEC proudly stands. Pratishtha is the platform for students to put to test all of the things that they have learnt within the four walls of their classrooms as well as outside of it. Pratishtha is the amalgamation of innovation, culture, technology under one roof, where every student strives to work for a cause, for a change, for an experience! Pratishtha is where engineering meets practicality, fun meets hardwork and excellence meets winners!

About the Council

We are the Students’ Council of Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College. We consist of students from every department of our college. We organise and execute various events but mainly we are responsible for the organising the SAKEC Fest - Pratishtha. We form the bridge between faculty and the students, and we make sure that every student gets a platform to share his/her ideas. The purpose of this Student Council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out various activities and projects. In addition to planning events we aim to contribute to college spirit and community welfare, the student council is the 'voice' of the student body.

We are the Student Council and this is our Pratishtha.

The Council

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Siddhant Pokle

General Secretary

98216 34718

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Mayur Kapadia

Cultural Secretary

72083 06022

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Ronak Thakkar

Sports Secretary

72085 48983

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Madhura Dhondye

Ladies Representative

98922 96531

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Sayali Shinde

Ladies Representative

96191 28959

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Jeet Dagha

General Co-ordinator

99301 66083

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Shravan Shetty

Cultural Co-ordinator

96194 59531

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Vishal Nandu

Sports Co-ordinator

81695 19547

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Jairosh Kumar

On-stage Head

89765 96685

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Ashish Jadhav

Off-stage Head

98697 29027

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Prerna Rao

On-stage Co-head

80975 60865

Card image cap

Dilpreet Kaur

On-stage Co-head

99695 57191

Card image cap

Sharan Vora

Off-stage Co-ordinator

86920 06464

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Shreya Gosrani

Off-stage Co-head

75060 04777

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Yash Shetye

Athletics Co-ordinator

72086 79964

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Shamika Bapat


88796 15475

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Ojas Bhayde

Technical Head

99690 00992

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Salil Deshpande


99309 26266

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Neha Shah

Public Relations Officer

98203 02761

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Isha More

Logistics Head

99300 70109

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Shrutika Kaware

Registration Head

99872 16630

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Shonali Rai

Publicity Head

97696 70473

Card image cap

Pritish Mehta

Publicity Co-head

99304 37396

Card image cap

Aniket Banginwar

Technical Co-head

97697 61710

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Shivam Chaube

Technical Co-head

86524 65445

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Soham Agarwal

Logistics Co-head

86523 70410

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Anuj Jain

Registration Co-head

70452 76942

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Alankar Chavan

Security Head

86520 07302