Hands-on Workshop on VHDL
ISTE SAKEC had organized a hands-on workshop on VHDL on September 22, 2018 in lab 204. The workshop was conducted by two speakers. The first half of the workshop was delivered by Janhavi Desale. The second half by Professor Manjusha Kulkarni. The first half was invested in teaching the students basics of VHDL. Students were made to understand the importance, purpose of invention, history and the applications of VHDL. Basic programming was started by explaining them the syntax of the programming language, different types of modelling architecture, types of ports and how to use application GHDL and GTKwave for executing program. Students were explained the program for AND gate in this session. In the second half, students were taught different data types, concurrent and sequential code, signals and variables and combinational circuits. Students were taught a program of half adder in a different application known as Xilinix. The aim of the speaker was to make students acquainted with varying platforms related to VHDL programming. The event was concluded by students receiving certificates by the speakers and coordinator.Click here for more… PEDAGOGY
ISTE SAKEC in collaboration with Department of Electronics Engineering had organized a hands-on workshop on Arduino.The workshop was conducted by Prof. Shubangi Motewar and Prof. Madhura Pednekar. The speakers gave extensive knowledge of Arduino to the participants during the workshop. A numbers of topics were covered during the workshop. At the start of the workshop basic electronics theories were taught. Then the installation of Arduino was shown. Different Arduino programs were explained. The participants were given a chance to experiment Arduino modules and shields. At the end of workshop they were able to program basic Arduino projects, test different modules, sensors and breakout boards. They were also able to work with LCD, ultrasonic range finder, real time clock, thermister, temperature sensor, buzzer, RGB LED, etc. Now participants will be able to continue learning Arduino on their own. The session ended with a thanksgiving note by Saloni Madlani and students left the lab motivated due to the knowledgeable workshop.Click here for more… MATLAB
NEXUS 2018
ISTE SAKEC had organized an orientation for first year students and the launch of annual magazine NEXUS 2018 on August 10, 2018 in 7TH floor auditorium. The first half, from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM, was orientation where ISTE SAKEC members interacted with first year students. And the second half, from 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM, comprised of magazine launch where principal Dr Bhavesh Patel, ISTE SAKEC secretary Professor Shikha Shrivastava and ISTE SAKEC coordinator Professor Manjusha Kulkarni were present. In the first half, first year students were informed about ISTE SAKEC and its importance as a student body in the college. A presentation was made in order to educate them more about ISTE SAKEC features. Also, students were told about the events conducted by ISTE SAKEC and informed about the upcoming events. The first half was concluded with the council launch. The second half was attended by the principal Dr Bhavesh Patel Sir, ISTE SAKEC secretary Professor Shikha Shrivastava,ISTE SAKEC coordinator Professor Manjusha Kulkarni and Head of the IT department Prof. Swati Nadkarni. It started by unveiling the magazine NEXUS as well as the theme for the year by principal Dr Bhavesh Patel Sir. Principal Sir encouraged the students by a motivating speech. Professor Shikha Shrivastava enlightened the students on how one can become a good engineer. Later, Letters Of Appreciation were given to all the contributors. The session ended with a vote of thanks by the General Coordinator Mangesh Putran and students left the auditorium feeling motivated.Click here for more… MATLAB
ISTE SAKEC had organised a seminar on Engineering Life for the first year students of our college on August 11, 2018 in the 4th floor seminar hall. The speakers for the event were VINAYAK KUKRETY, ADITI CHAVAN, MANGESH PUTRAN and ANURAG PATEL. The event was divided in three parts – subject-wise calculator workshop, Mumbai University’s rules and regulations and Gazette reading. The first part was conducted by VINAYAK KUKRETY and ADITI CHAVAN. Students were taught about every important function of the calculator they would need throughout college. Conversions, equation solving, and some functions required for subjects like Physics and BEE were taught to the students. The second part i.e. Mumbai University’s rules and regulations were explained to the students by MANGESH PUTRAN. The students were told about the experience in our college and how MU’s rules affected the proceedings. Students were informed about the rules regarding results, revaluation, checking of papers and other college rules.
The third part of the seminar, regarding gazette reading was conducted by ANURAG PATEL. How to read the results displayed in the college accurately is a very important skill and it is not always obvious. The students were enlightened further as to how to increase pointers without too much stress and still be able to participate in extracurricular activities conducted in the college. The event was concluded by questions from the audience and the seniors sharing their own experiences in the college.
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ISTE SAKEC in collaboration with Department of Computer Engineering organized a event on MATLAB on August 1, 2018 in Lab 209 and 210. The speaker for the first half was Prof. Deepti Nikumbh and the speaker for the second half was Prof.Rekha More. The first half concentrated on the Basic Features of MATLAB, Starting MATLAB, Using MATLAB. Basics functions with syntax, error messages, their corrections, entering multiple statements per line, control statements, Array operations, Matrix Operation were covered by Prof. Deepti Nikhumbh. The speaker taught the students and gave them time to solve the problem statements given. The second half of the session was taken by Prof. Rekha More. The session was Concentrated on Creating Graphs using plots tab in MATLAB,2D and 3D graphs and reading and playing Audio files in MATLAB. Finally the speakers gave the students an idea about the difference between using MATLAB and SCILAB The event was concluded by giving saplingss and certificates of appreciation to the speakers and event co-ordinator by Professor SHIKHA SHRIVASTAVA. Certificates of participation were awarded to the students.Click here for more… MATLAB
JULY 2018
Web Technologies – New Trends
Computer Engineering Department of the Institute organised AICTE-ISTE Approved and Sponsored STTP, “Web Technologies – New Trends” from 02/07/2018 to 07/07/2018. The program received the overwhelming response from several states of the country. From 150 registered candidates 40 for sponsored seats and 16 candidates for non-sponsored seats were selected to attend the program. The program was inaugurated by renowned author Mr. Achyut Godbole, who also delivered the keynote address. Mr. Achyut Godbole’s keynote speech was a great attraction for the Engineers. The excitement to hear him was so much that the separate registration had to be started for those who wanted to come only for speech. Professors from different engineering colleges of Mumbai and professionals working in different software industries came to attend his lecture. Eminent speakers, Mr. Jayanthi Gokhale, Prof. Bhushan Jadhav, Mr. Nilesh Vidhate and Mr. Anil Patil from reputed Software Companies and Engineering Institutes conducted the hands-on sessions on HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, jQuery, MongoDB, XML, Laravel and Ajax.Click here for more… WTNT
ISTE SAKEC in collaboration with organized a seminar onPostgraduation Studies on July 25, 2018 in 7th floor auditorium. The speaker for the first half was SUMEET JAIN and the speaker for the second half was Ankur Rupani. The first half concentrated on the requirements for GRE and its benefits. Students were informed about the procedure for application for postgraduation in foreign universities. The speaker explained every aspect of fees and finances involved and how assistantships and internships helped finance students’ education. He explained how the Yocket app can help through the steps of application to Universities. The second half of the session was a small workshop for GRE. The students were given sample problems for both the parts of GRE – Verbal and Quantitative. The speaker lead the students through the questions, explaining each of them and reasoning the answers. The session was completely interactive with students replying the answers to the questions of the speaker. Students got an idea as to how the test was. The event was concluded by giving saplings, mementos and certificate of appreciation to the speakers by Prof. SHIKHA SHRIVASTAVA.Click here for more… PG
MAY 2018
Pedagogy for Effective Integration of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) in Engineering Education
Department of Electronics Engineering has organized an AICTE ISTE approved STTP on “Pedagogy for Effective Integration of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) in Engineering Education” from 3rd May to 8th May 2018. This STTP was designed by the Educational Technology Department of IIT- Bombay. This course provided an insight and hands on experience to Engineering faculty in implementing student-centered integration of ICT for effective learning. The STTP was attended by 41 staff members of whom 8 participants were from different colleges under Mumbai University.Click here for more… PEDAGOGY
ISTE SAKEC in collaboration with Department of Information Technology organized a workshop on React JS held on February 10, 2018 in Laboratory 507. The speaker for the first half of the event was Mr. Viral Parmar and speaker for the second half was Mr. Neel Dedhia. Students attending the event were taught React JS from the basic concepts to higher ones. Students were given an overview of the theory by the first speaker. He introduced the basic concepts of programming using HTML and JavaScript. The speaker and volunteers from the IT Department & ISTE SAKEC helped the participants by clearing their doubts and correcting errors, if any. The speaker for the second half, delved into how the library that is React JS can be used to make WebPages using JavaScript. The responses by the students participating were positive and everyone enjoyed the workshop. The event was concluded by giving certificates to the speakers and participants.Click here for more… REACT JS
Seminar on Robotics
ISTE SAKEC organized a seminar on ROBOTICS on January 25, 2018. The seminar was conducted by Dr. Shantipal Suresh Ohol, who is an Associate Professor at COEP and has many remarkable achievements in the field of Robotics. The seminar began with an introductory speech by our Principal Dr. Bhavesh Patel and Vice principal Dr. V. C. Kotak. The session talked about every kind of robot out there in the world also the future developments and scope of Artificial Intelligence. The students were listening intently and got to know more about the world of robotics. Dr. S. S. Ohol was felicitated by our secretary, ISTESAKEC chapter Prof. Shikha Shrivastava to conclude the event.Click here for more… Seminar on Robotics
Industrial Visit to Kolad
On 14th October 2017, ISTE SAKEC organised the most awaited event of the year, INDUSTRIAL VISIT to RAWALJE POWER PLANT and OUTBOUND to EMPOWER ACTIVITY CAMPS. The students learned about the working of how electricity is generated and got an insight of the industry. In the second half of the trip, Raft-Building and Rafting activity and other team building activities were organised at EMPOWER ACTIVITY CAMP. Overall the visit was Informative, Enlightening and Adventures.Click here for more… Industrial Visit to Kolad
Information Technology department in collaboration with ISTE SAKEC, wish to organize a Workshop on “Ruby-gramming”on 12th August, 2017. The speaker for this event was Mr. Deven Shah.Click here for more… [easy-image-collage id=837]
JULY 2017
Advanced Embedded and Real Time Application Design
Department of Electronics Engineering successfully conducted AICTE-ISTE approved STTP on “Advanced Embedded and Real Time Application Design” from 3rdJuly 2017 to 8th July 2017. Eminent speakers like Dr. P.C. Pande from IIT Mumbai and other engineering colleges contributed to the event. Industry experts like Dr. Kushal Tuckle and Mr. Jayanthi Gokhle shared their practical knowledge with the participants. Participants enjoyed hands-on sessions on RTOS and embedded C programming. Advanced Embedded and Real Time Application Design
Biometric Applications and Research Challenges
Department of Electronics Engineering in association with ISTE SAKEC successfully conducted FDP on ‘Biometric Applications and Research Challenges’ on 29th July 2017. Prof. Parmeshwar Birajdar enlightened the audience with the knowledge of different aspects of Biometric field, its application and research areas. Biometric Applications and Research Challenges
JUNE 2016
Department of Electronics Engineering organized an ISTE approved one week STTP on “Design Aspects in CMOS Analog Circuits, ASIC and MEMS” from 27th June to 1stJuly 2016. Dr. B. Satyanarayana from TIFR delivered the keynote address on “Frontiers of VLSI Technologies”. Many resource persons from premier research institutes conducted the sessions of the training program. Dr. Jayanta Mukharjee (IITB), Dr. S. S. Rathod (SPIT), Dr. Sangeeta M. Joshi (VIT), Dr. Saurabh Lodha (IITB), Dr. D. V. Bhoir (FRCRCE), Dr. Nisha Sarwade, Dr. Sudhakar Mande (DBIT) were a few to name. The sessions were supported by resource persons from industries who threw light on the industrial practices in this upcoming field of engineering. There were more than 50 participants for the course. A visit to Nanofabrication Lab, IITB was organized as a part of this STTP. We learnt through the feedback that the participants gained immense knowledge on CMOS analog design, fabrication of MEMS, nanodevices, memristor and ASIC design through this STTP. Design Aspects in CMOS Analog Circuits, ASIC and MEMS

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