HUNAR 2.0 in search of Gen-Y Entrepreneurs

HUNAR 2.0 in search of Gen-Y Entrepreneurs
HUNAR 2.0 in search of Gen-Y Entrepreneurs
Event HUNAR 2.0 in search of Gen-Y Entrepreneurs

SAKEC Training and Placement Department promotes Second version of Hunar by Jaro Education.

About Hunar
Hunar is back with a roar, – A national level competition in the quest of budding talent of the nation; strives to discover exceptional talent of the generation.
“HUNAR 2.0 in search of Gen-Y Entrepreneurs”. It is inclined on bringing the nations young and promising entrepreneurs together, for them to excel and explore the business of future.

  • Seed funding to the best business idea
  • Media coverage
  • Beneficial networking for prime opportunities
  • Best Dronacharya Award – To the Best Mentorship
  • To be rewarded by Mr. Chetan Bhagat
  • Turn your vision into reality
  • Winner :3 Lakh
  • 1st runner up : 2 Lakh
  • 2nd runner up : 1 Lakh
  • Best Dronacharya Award :50,000
Different Levels 3 Stages until the win

  • Level 1 – Collegiate Level (Submission of Business Summary)
    Teams from each college will propose the business idea. Top teams among them will qualify for the zonal level.
  • Level 2 – Zonal Level (Evaluation of Business Idea)
    Top teams from various colleges will be qualified for zonal level and they will be evaluated on the outreach of the business plan.
  • Level 3 – National Level (Investors Meet)
    Best teams compete in the finale. They will perform on the parameters of full stimulation of the business plan.
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